4 Top English Cooking Classes in Paris

France is the destination of different meals thanks to the prominent cooking experience acquired from cooking classes found in Paris (click here to learn more). Anybody travelling to Paris has to try preparing the delicious foods by taking English speaking cooking classes which range from beginners to advanced cooks. The article highlights the top English Cooking classes found in Paris.

1. Le Foodist

Another great beginner, English Cooking class, is Le Foodist, a famous school with various options for cooking. It has well-established baking and cooking classes, and it's ranked among the top. It also offers cooking tours for learners every Thursday to meet with the topmost producers and to Latin Quarter market. The school also offers wine tasting lessons giving it the best call learner experience of a diversified environment.

2. LAtelier des Sens

Among beginners cooking classes include LAtelier des sens established in 2004 offering amateur cooking experience. It's a perfect place to be when you do not know how to prepare French foods as it offers classes in English. It also gives you a platform to choose what you want, and it includes family classes as well for the general family lessons in preparing French foods.

3. Alain Ducasse School

Learn French cuisine

The Alain Ducasse Cooking School is another best English class offering professional cooking experience to learners from all around the world. The school has four kitchens and spacious common areas of the school giving you a fantastic setting. It provides a great experience in improving French cooking in both French and English classes.

4. My Hush-Hush Paris

It's a cooking class mostly for professional cooks, which help them in learning new recipes with the main chef. Led by Chef Bertrand Philippe, who speaks fluent English language, he develops new cooking techniques for French foods and introduces it to the learners in his class. The school has a conducive environment and offers a perfect customer experience.