Macarons Class Paris


If you love the sweet and delicious French macarons, then the macaron classes in Paris are perfect for you. Those obsessed with the beautiful and classic French treat you can find patisseries across Paris. In case you would like to know some of the best secrets of the sweetest Parisian icons, then macaron classes in Paris are perfect for you.

About the Macaron Classes in Paris

The classes go for 2 hours and the main focus is to create the most elegant and colourful pastries. The experts train you how to do this from the start to the end using the Italian Meringue method and at the end you create two different types of macaron fillings. Mostly, students are divided into groups and work together following the steps given beginning from creating batter, to piping, and the assembling all the delicious cookies. At the end of the class, you get to finish with a box of some beautiful macarons that you can take home.

The Longer Macaron Classes in Paris

French Food and Cook

Although the two hour classes are sufficient for you to learn how to prepare the best macarons, there are three hour classes that are available for people who want a macaron class that is more detailed. This type of classes you get to learn 2 different meringue methods of how to make classic French macarons from the start to the finishing. You can also be taught on how to make 4 different classic garnishes. Of course, what most people enjoy hearing is that you can take a box of the macarons you have prepared home and enjoy them later.

In a short time you will be perfecting your piping as the experts guide you through the whole process as they explain the chemistry behind creating the perfect macarons. By doing this, you can explore different flavour combinations even after your classes.